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Dr. Deborah Vinall, PsyD

writer, therapist

Deborah Vinall is a Doctor of Psychology, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a certified EMDR and Brainspotting practitioner. She specializes in helping individuals heal from traumatic life experiences and painful relationship dynamics. She was awarded the Sandra Wilson Memorial Grant from the EMDR Research Foundation for her research on the impacts and treatment response of survivors of mass shootings across the USA.

compassion. courage. creativity


Trauma Recovery Workbook for Teens

We are greater than the trauma and pain we may experience in our life. This workbook illuminates how healing is possible, explores what trauma is, and shows teens how they can embrace their emotions while developing resiliency.

"Trauma Recovery Workbook for Teens is exactly what the world needs right now: a compassionate, frank, succint, and beautifully empowering workbook for our traumatized teens. Chock full of critical information, helpful assessments, and organized checklists, alongside healing strategies and resiliency practices: this is the book I wish I'd had as a brand new therapist, and I'm incredibly grateful that it's available now. I'll be recommending this in every space I can."

Kay Bruner, MA, LPC

Author of As Soon As I Fell and Debunking the Myths of Forgive and Forget

Gaslighting: A Step-by-Step Recovery Guide

Gaslighting is a targeted form of manipulation, deception, and control that makes you doubt your own perceptions and memories. Whether you’ve experienced gaslighting or emotional abuse from someone in your life—or you think you might have—Gaslighting gives you the tools to recognize it and the steps to begin healing.

"Gaslighting is a must-read ... Kudos to Deborah Vinall for her most valuable, groundbreaking work with gaslighting."

- David Grand, PhD

Developer of Brainspotting

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