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Lilach Gradient

For the children

February 1, 2024

Stress and anxiety can affect kids at nearly any age.

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Can’t Stop Worrying About, Well, Everything? Therapists Recommend Using a ‘Worry Tree’ To Move On

October 15, 2023

Here's exactly how to use a worry tree diagram to gain control over any worry and either resolve or release it.

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Love in the Time of Swipes: A Survival Guide for Dating App Users

July 20, 2023

Uncover the root cause of dating app burnout and expert advice to prevent it. Explore new ways of dating with the top 5 mental-health-friendly apps.

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How To Prevent Jealousy From Getting In The Way Of Being Happy For Your Thriving Friends

July 9, 2023

If you have thriving friends who seem to be living your dream life, jealousy may arise. Here's how to combat those feelings so you can maintain your happiness.

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9 Signs You Might Have a Toxic Sister (Plus, How to Deal)

June 23, 2023

In a perfect world, all sister relationships would look like something out of a sappy Disney movie. That's not always possible, especially when you have a toxic sister. Here are 9 signs that's the case, plus therapists' advice on how to cope.

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9 Ways to Support a Child With Anxiety

May 11, 2023

Three psychologists offer compassionate and effective tips for helping your child wade through the choppy waters of anxiety.

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5 Signs *Your* Behavior Is Passive-Aggressive—And How To Better Communicate Your Feelings

April 20, 2023

It takes two to have an argument or disagreement). And when the chasm between both parties seems to persist, it's only natural to wonder what's keeping you from finding resolution. Is it them, or are you playing a part, too?

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How a Mantra Can Improve Your Mental Health

April 17, 2023

Learn what a mantra is, its benefits, and how to incorporate this powerful practice into your mindfulness practice.

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Dr. Deborah Vinall on Implementing Self-Care

April 9, 2023

Meet Dr. Deborah Vinall, a Doctor of Psychology, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and writer.

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There Are 2 Types of Envy—Benign and Malicious—But Both Can Affect Your Friendships

April 2, 2023

Not all envy is created equal. Here are the differences between the two types, plus which one spells trouble for friendships.

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Bad Dream? Women Have More Nightmares Than Men — Here’s Why

March 24, 2023

Women have more nightmares than men - but why, and what are they about? Keep reading to learn more, plus get tips to wake yourself up.

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From Frenzy to Focus: Dr. Deborah Vinall On How We Can Cancel Hustle Culture And Create A New Sustainable Work Paradigm

March 10, 2023

Why exactly is Hustle Culture the wrong path to take? What damage can it cause? What is a viable, sustainable alternative to hustle culture? How can we move from Frenzy To Focus?

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