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Guest Podcast Interviews

Gaslighting: A Step-by-Step Recovery Guide to Heal from Emotional Abuse and Build Healthy Relationships

Podcast: What Your Therapist Is Reading

In this episode, Jessica Fowler interviews Dr. Deborah Vinall, PsyD, LMFT, about her book Gaslighting: A Step-by-Step Recovery Guide to Heal from Emotional Abuse and Build Healthy Relationships.

The Gaslighting of America

Podcast: Woke AF Daily

Dr. Deborah Vinall joins Danielle Moodie for a conversation about recovering from gaslighting, and the very real trauma than can be inflicted by political gaslighting.

Working with Trauma & EMDR

Podcast: The Circle of Insight

Topics Covered:

  • Gaslighting

  • Memory

  • Trauma

  • EMDR

  • Culture

  • Psychedelics

Shedding the Light on Gaslighting

Podcast: How to Split  a Toaster

When you’re with a gaslighter, do you have reason to doubt what you hear from your spouse? Have they ever given you any reason to question your perception of your relationship? That’s called gaslighting, and it’s a form of manipulation and control that can have you questioning your own memories.

Topics Covered:

  • What gaslighting is.

  • 4 types of gaslighters.

  • Impact from stress and anxiety.

  • Figuring out if you're being gaslit, and much more.

Gaslighting With Dr. Deborah Vinall

Podcast: Voices For The Voiceless

Topics Covered:

  • Self-compassion.

  • Feeling your feelings.

  • Avoidance behaviors versus coping skills.

  • Boundary setting.

  • Different types of gaslighters.

  • The steps to heal from gaslighting abuse.

  • More.

Gaslighting and Codependency

Podcast: The Codependummy

Topics Covered:

  • How does Gaslighting relate to codependency?

  • How and why may codependents be more vulnerable to gaslighting?

  • What are the steps we can take to combat gaslighting in our relationships? 

  • 4 key steps to breaking the gaslighting cycle and embracing healthy boundaries.

Complicated Connections

Podcast: Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio

Topics Covered:

  • The cycle of both Gaslighting and Estrangement.

  • Complex relationships we engage in and disconnect from.

  • Gaslighting.

  • Key takeaways from Gaslighting: A Step-by-Step Recovery Guide.

  • The steps people can take to set self-honoring boundaries when confronting a gaslighter.

Healing from Gaslighting & Emotional Abuse

Podcast: One Day You'll Thank Me

Topics Covered:

  • How to recognize if/when someone is gaslighting.

  • Gaslighting myths in relation to other personality disorders, such as narcissistic personality disorder.

  • The “cycle” of gaslighting -love bombing, devaluing, discarding, hoovering.

  • Why it is important to know that you can’t “fix” an abuser if you just “do things right,” and why this approach doesn’t work.

  • Why establishing healthy boundaries is essential to combatting gaslighting.

Gaslighting with Dr. Deborah Vinall

Podcast: EasyPrey

The term “gaslighting” is becoming more commonly used as people come to understand the psychological impact. It is important to identify the techniques used by someone to maintain an unhealthy relationship so you can avoid it or change it.


This interview dives deep into the term.

Healing from an Abusive Relationship

Podcast: Stellar Life

Many survivors of abusive relationships have something in common to say - they didn’t realize their partner’s actions were considered abusive behavior in the beginning. What started as one unfortunate incident was forgiven, and unknowingly it kept repeating until it became a pattern. In this episode, Dr. Deborah Vinall deep dives into this psychological behavior and helps you understand its roots and uncover its solutions so you can step away entirely from it.

Gaslighting & Polyvictimization with Dr. Deborah Vinall

Eileen Dong interviews Dr. Deborah Vinall on "The Ms. Texas Show " as they touch on the topics of gaslighting, polyvictimization, forms of control, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) scale, self intuition, trauma recovery methods, compassion and self-worth, and more.

Beat Your Anxiety Summit

Beat Your Anxiety Summit Day 6 with guest Dr. Deborah Vinall discusses topics such as people-pleasing, emotional abuse, empathy, navigating relationships, narcissism, boundary setting, and more.

Thriving Beyond Toxic Relationships

Celivette Guerra interviews Dr. Deborah Vinall on the series "Thriving Beyond Toxic Relationships" as they touch on the topics of emotional abuse, gaslighting, self-care, self-love, EMDR, and more.

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